Brand DNA

Whether you are willing to develop your personal brand or you are an entrepreneur striving to get the spotlight on your product, you will need to follow some basic rules to build a strong brand.

Here below you find a brand building canvas that will put you on the right track. You should find it enough concise and thorough enough to get you started.

The next steps will be to be consistent with your DNA, this is probably the most difficult part.

Let’s get to it.

First and foremost we talk about a product or a service and about a company i.e. an organization that communicates to the world to tell people how good is their products or services and why people should buy them.

Complete and fill in all the boxes to have your brand’s DNA

Brand DNA creation canvas.

We are emotional people who make irrational decisions

Patrick Renvoise from

Summary: Mission and Vision
Animal instinct: we have to appeal to the irrational being that makes decisions based on what we desire or fear. Then our brains works out the rationals for the decision.
That’s why to be effective you need to address a painpoint, clearly present uniqueness, communicate an emotion that is shared by your ideal customer.
Answer the 5Ws Who we are, What we do, Why we are here, Where we come from, When did we start.
Figure out what is your brand character, if it was an animal which animal would be. Check out some animals characters pages if you don’t have any idea about what characters animals have

Work on your avatar clients, also called personas, they represent your ideal clients, create 2 or 3 different types.

Tone of voice, how do you speak to your clients? Are you formal or more friendly?
Brand keywords that represent your brand and negative keywords that you don’t want your brand to be associated with.

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