How to select wines for a dinner with friends

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I didn’t use to think much about the selection of wines when I invited my friends over for dinner, until a few weeks ago a friend of mine from New York told me he still remembered a dinner we had in Bologna (Italy) almost two years ago.






greco_di_tufoHe said that he liked that my wife and I had combined some simple italian dishes with different types of wine, starting with a sparkling dry white wine to drink with the starters, then a fruity still white from the south of Italy to go with the seafood main course, followed by a dessert wine from Tuscany drunk with cantuccini biscuits and finally an aromatic after dinner digestif drink “the mirto” from sardegna to finish the dinner.





mirto-rosso-zedda-piras-cl70So here what I served that night and some ideas for other fun and tasty nights with your friends and family.

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