Octopus salad (Polipo in insalata) in 3 steps

This is a great little recipe and I promise I am going to say that for all my recipes.

Octopus is a tasty mollusc with 8 feet as its name suggest to all of you latin speakers!

Octopus is cheap to buy, you can find it at the fishmongers and in supermarkets like Morrisons and like every other fish it’s rich in proteins, this means no fat and no carbohydrates. Good news for those of you who care about fat.

Let’s get to the recipe

1) boil the octopus for 1 hour (before you drop the octopus completely into the water, just put in the tentacles and pull them out for a second, this will give them the classic curly shape). The water must be added with a big spoon of salt and chillies

2) Take the octopus out of the water,

3) Chop the octopus on a chopping board and dress with extra virgin olive oil, thin slices of fresh chillies, thyme,

On the side you can can serve peeled and boiled boiled potatos or even mix the octopus and the potato chops together

Trick: buy fresh octopus and freeze. Defrost it in few minutes in the microwave.

Octopus with curly tentacles and no head

Bolied Octopus - cleaned with no head
The boiled octopus is on the chopping board, ready to be cut for the salad
The Octopus salad is dressed in a small bowl with extra vergin olive oil, fresh chilli thin slices and a little thyme

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