Pizza recipe

Pizza base shaped
Pizza base shaped

Pizza is part of the so called ‘dieta mediterranea’, i.e. a diet typical of the countries of the Mediterranean region, thought to increase life expectancy and protect against heart disease and cancer.



One thing to remember wen making pizza is that whatever topping you choose, you should use good quality ingredients and add them in small quantity.

Tomato passata and olive oil on pizza base
A few spoons of passata and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on pizza base

Using a pizza base mix instead of buying a precooked pizza has its advantages:

  1. Save a lot of money: the cost of 2 pizzas made from scratch is about 2 pounds, the cost of buying 2 good quality precooked pizza can be even 8 pounds;
  2. Healtier choice: you know what goes in the pizza: it’s difficult to ensure the quality and control what you eat in a pizza bought off the shelf
  3. It gives you a lot of satisfaction to eat the pizza that you made from scratch


Put the pizza mix in a bowl and add half glass of warm water. Stirr until the dough start to form, use your clean hands if you like (recommended), and work on the flour to mix it with the water until the dough stops sticking to your fingers (yes, at the beginnning it will stick to your fingers).

Add a pinch of salt.

Passata spread on the base with a spoon
Spread the passata with a spoon

Cut a square of baking paper the size of a pizza and add a pinch of flour on it, put the pizza dough on it. (start to heat the oven at 220-250 C.)

Start working the pizza with your fingers giving it a round shape, keep rotating the pizza and turn it a couple of times.

Once the pizza is the size desidered add a few spoons of passata and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in the middle (see picture).

Spread the passata with the back of a spoon.

Add the mozzarella chopped in little cubes.

Put in the oven preheated at 220 – 250 C. for 10 minutes.

Tips and tricks

Mozzarella on the pizza
Mozzarella on the pizza

To get a great crunchy and well cooked pizza I use a pizza baking stone from John Lewis, it’s not very expensive and it will last a long time. You can use the stone to serve the pizza and it will keep the pizza hot while you eat it.

Other nice combinations
– Tuna and onion
– Zola and egg
– Ham and mushrooms
– Anchovies

I like to add a bit of chili oil on my pizza. I make my own chilli oil by buying a 250 ml bottle of extra virgin and drop a few dried red chillies in it. It takes a week before the chillies sink in and the oil gets its spicy taste.


Making the pizza


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